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Research project LCAtoGo

"Boosting Life Cycle Assessment Use in European Small and Medium-sized Enterprises"

In the scope of this project, Life Cycle Assessment tools are developed and deployed in small and medium sized enterprises. The aim is to put forward ideas of environmental health with respect to the materials used and energy consumption during the production process, the product’s life cycle, and the recycling phase.

Future-Shape took part in the development and the pilot implementation of LCA tools, and tested the software within the production process.

During the LCAtoGo project it was shown that the eco costs of the SensFloor underlay can be reduced from 1.04€ / m² to 0.06€ / m² by using cork instead of polyester as a base material. The power dissipation during its life cycle (20 years) could be reduced from 504mW / m² to 8mW / m² by optimising measurement and radio transmission parameters.