Bettmatte Installation für Schlafanalyse 1
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  • Bettmatte Analysebeispiel

SensBed® – bed sensor mat for sleep analysis

Our special SensBed sensor mat also uses the SensFloor technology and is pressure-sensitive. A total of 32 sensor fields per square meter are used to recognise movement during sleep. All data are transmitted wirelessly to the SE3-P receiver and then forwarded to a computer via USB. The sensor mat is installed underneath the mattress and is thus invisible and unnoticeable to patients in general or staff when the room is cleaned.

The SensBed sensor mat is made of four individual mats with 16 sensor fields each, which allow it to be used for a large range of test set-ups.

It is covered in a special breathable membrane that can be washed and disinfected according to hospital standards. Customised sizes are available on demand.

SensFloor is "Made in Germany".