SensFloor® Musikmatte
  • SensFloor MIDI-Empfängereinheit
  • Abnehmbare Floroberfläche der Musikmatte

SensFloor® Music Mat – Play, Therapy and Safety

This SensFloor mat combines play, music therapy and safety. Eight colourful, proximity-sensitive fields on the floor correspond to octave notes. The SensFloor transceiver with MIDI interface is simply plugged into a suitable keyboard, and when the fields are touched, sounds are emitted. Depending on the keyboard options, there are no limits to creating your own music. But even a simple touch of the hand is sufficient to control the keyboard by means of the mat.

At the same time, the music mat also provides safety as an alarm mat: Stepping on the mat during the night causes an orientation light to switch on and triggers an alarm in the parents' bedroom. This is particularly useful for preventing accidents or wandering about of young children or persons who sleepwalk (somnambulism).

SensFloor music mat is delivered with customized configuration, including all optional accessories. Therefore the installation at home is real plug and play. The sensor mat has a water-resistant encapsulation and a removableHigh-Twist Nylon pile, matthat is washable up to 60°C. Special sizes and designs are available on request.