SensFloor® Sensormatte für die Pflege, bei Demenz oder Sturzgefahr
  • SensFloor Sensormatten alarmieren beim Sturz aus dem Bett
  • SensFloor Empfängereinheit mit Funkzubehör
  • SensFloor® Sensormatten bei Demenzflucht
  • PVC Beläge für SensFloor Sensormatten in der Pflege

SensFloor® sensor mat for private care

SensFloor sensor mats detect a person before any weight is put on the mat. Sensor mats can send an alarm as soon as a person is sitting on the bed with their feet over the mat. This way the mats provide support in the care of patients prone to wandering around or in danger of falling. At the same time, alarm sensor mats switch on orientation lights, thus preventing the patient from tripping in the dark.

The SensFloor system for private care consists of the SensFloor sensor mat with a power adaptor and a transceiver that is equipped with an additional radio extension, making it compatible to all Eldat Easywave products. It is able to send an alarm via the mobile radio bell and simultaneously switches on an integrated orientation light. Further optional devices on request.

SensFloor sensor mats are water-resistantly sealed in PVC foil with hygienic covering. Their very thin edging minimises the risk of tripping. Every system is preconfigured according to customer's requirements and ready-made for use on delivery.
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SensFloor is "Made in Germany".