Spiel und Spass mit dem SensFloor® Piano
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  • SensFloor MIDI Empfängereinheit SE3-M

SensPiano – floor piano

One of our extraordinary SensFloor products is the SensPiano floor piano, which is built up of sensor mats with a length of 1.5m per octave. All data are transmitted wirelessly from the sensor mats to a corresponding transceiver unit. The transceiver with MIDI interface can be connected to any suitable keyboard or computer (specifications: General MIDI; 31.25 kBaud). For tablets you can work with an APP as well (e.g. GarageBand).

The basic version of a floor piano set comprises 1 octave (1 mat) with cables and the MIDI transceiver. Further music devices are not included and are part of the customer. To really play piano we recommend at least 2 octaves. This is relative to the customer’s application. The mats can be connected with a cable adapter and work with one single MIDI transceiver.

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SensFloor is "Made in Germany".