Spiel und Spass mit dem SensFloor® Piano
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SensPiano – floor piano

One of our extraordinary SensFloor products is the SensPiano floor piano, built up of sensor mats with a length of 1.5m per octave. All data are transmitted wirelessly from the sensor mats to the receiver. The SensFloor SE3-M transceiver with MIDI interface can be connected to any suitable keyboard or computer (specifications: General MIDI; 31.25 kBaud).

Whether it is used during music therapy, exercise therapy, event scheduling or social development: SensPiano is perfect for a variety of purposes. It can be used as part of musical education in school and in kindergarten, as a therapeutic instrument in care, on fairs and at events but also for scientific studies. The SensPiano comes with proximity-sensitive sensors and can thus even be played by touching it with your hands.

It is available both as single PVC sensor mats with a range of an octave each as well as customised sensor underlays with a thickness of 2mm and a range of up to seven octaves (10.5m length). These underlays can be installed completely invisible beneath various types of flooring (carpet, PVC, laminate).

Another solution is our SensFloor music sensor mat with eight coloured fields and a removable and washable pile surface that children can use to play on. Stepping onto the mat at night causes an orientation light to switch on or triggers a wireless alarm in the parents’ bedroom, thus acting as a safety measure, e.g. for sleepwalking children suffering from somnambulism.

SensFloor is "Made in Germany".