SensFloor ActionArea bei der MeyerWerft
  • SensFloor® Musikmatte

SensFloor® – Game and Media Control

SensFloor for 3D game control by means of PS2 keyboard commands. Compatible with any PC software, which is based on configurable standardized PS2/USB-keyboard commands. An adaption to customer software is possible. Multimedia- and game control is based on SensFloor mats or on large-area SensFloor to be installed beneath conventional floor covering. SensFloor mats can be produced in arbitrary sizes and with various coverings based on customer's demand.

The underlay can also be delivered with double sided adhesive foil to be attached beneath wall-mounted posters and pictures. The customer can cut the sensor layer in any geometry according to which the sensor system adapts automatically. For individual large-area interactive installations we can produce a sensor layer in customer-defined geometries.

We gladly support you in the design of a SensFloor action area and we program an individual application for you.

SensFloor is "Made in Germany".